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Puppy Socialisation Classes

Puppy Socialisation Classes are now being held at Fair City Vet Group in Perth on Tuesday evenings.

The classes have been designed by the practice Partners Dr Fiona and Dr Andrew Humphries (BSc (Hons) BVMS MRCVS) and Corinne.

The course is delivered over two hour-long sessions a week apart.

It covers topics carefully planned by Corinne and is designed to give owners the best advice and knowledge they need to give their dogs a sound start in life”

Tackling puppy socialisation in the first 16 weeks of a dog’s life, means that behavioural problems and anxiety can be avoided. A puppy that has not been given enough socialisation may bite could be aggressive to other dogs and find a visit to the vet a stressful experience.

It may be afraid of strangers, be sick with fear when travelling and find coping with visits to new places very frightening.

Fair City Vet Group is happy to offer these classes on a no profit basis. All of the class fees will go to support the work of Canine Partners charity which provides assistance dogs for the disabled.

“we hope to help owners to introduce their new canine family members gently to the challenges and experiences of life, in such a way that their pups will go on to develop into happy, confident individuals who are far less likely to suffer from anxiety or behavioural problems in later life.”

Dr Fiona Humphries