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Perth Dog Training

Perth Dog Training offers a range of puppy training and dog training classes each week in Oakbank Community Centre,Perth. Now in the fifth year we have helped over 350 puppies, dogs and owners achieve their aim of owning a responsible and well behaved companion. The training classes we offer use only friendly training methods based on rewarding for good behaviour.Corinne Kennedy runs the classes and is a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor (GCDS) Most of all though, our classes are designed to be fun for owners and their puppies or dogs. Whatever your dog or puppy training needs, we will have a suitable class or be able to make a recommendation.

Puppy Classes

The Puppy Training at Perth Dog Training is held in a class environment where will work with you to enable you to understand how to train your puppy,

Good Citizens

Perth Dog Training has been awarded Listed Status with The Kennel Club and is authorised to to train for all levels of the Good Citizen Dog Scheme

One To One

One-to-one dog training is carried out on an individual basis. this could be at your own home, a local park or at the community centre in Perth.