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Dog Training for everyday life

2017 KCAI Trainer of the Year has launched!

We’re looking for dog training instructors who make a positive difference to the behaviour of dogs that they work with and the lives of their owners.

Has your instructor gone that extra mile to help you and your dog?

Have they helped make a positive difference to the behaviour of your dog and, in turn, your life?

Perhaps your instructor is involved in voluntary work such as dog rescue and rehoming activities or is a volunteer in their local community?

If so, we want to know about them!


At Perth Dog Training we are accredited by the Kennel Club to teach all levels.

There are four levels of courses starting with with basic training skills for puppies. If after that you wish to build on what you and your puppy have achieved , then we hold classes at all levels through to Gold

All of our classes are designed to be fun for owners and dogs alike , we work hard to make dog and puppy training a rewarding experience delivered in a friendly environment.


The Puppy Training at Perth Dog Training is held in a class setting where will work with you to enable you to understand how to train your puppy, and develop a great relationship.


One-to-one dog training is carried out on an individual basis dependent on the needs of the dog or owner, this could be at your own home, a local park or at our centre.


Classes are held to accommodate those who are participating in Bronze -Silver And Gold levels of the good citizen scheme.

These are held as required


Puppy Socialisation Classes are held at Fair City Vet Group in Perth on Tuesday evenings.The course is delivered over two hour-long sessions a week apart.


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